Upper Keys Rotary Club Scholarships

The Upper Keys Rotary Club holds The Gigantic Nautical Flea Market once a year. We do this to raise money for scholarships, and we raise roughly $200,000 annually. The scholarships you are applying for are available because 300 plus Rotarians and volunteers came together to make this event successful. Raising this much money is a lot of work!

Please attempt to follow the scholarship submission guidelines as closely as possible. This will make our job easier, and keep in mind Rotarians are all volunteers. No Rotarian is financially compensated for the time or money they put into making this happen.

No matter what, you should expect to receive an email acknowledging a successful package submission. If you do not get an email, your application was NOT received.

If you CANNOT submit electronically, please call Tricia Hynes at (305) 522 – 2848

For technical issues with the website please text John Gallant at (305) 393-3318